How to Stop Smoking? Here is How Vaping Will Help You

How to Stop Smoking? Here is How Vaping Will Help You
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How to quit smoking

Since a long time now, smoking and vaping are being painted in the same light now. Both are thought to be harmful to health which cause terrible diseases, including cancer. Thus according to the general public, there was no way that vaping could’ve helped smokers quit their habit of smoking highly concentrated tobacco cigarettes. While it was a general thought-process across the society, with recent research, vaping is being identified as a game changer.

While not a lot in number, more and more people each day are looking into the Public Health England research in 2015 stating that vaping is 95% safer than tobacco smoking.

This positive result arises from the fact that tobacco burning causes you body to inhale several harmful carcinogen which was the leading cause of lung cancer in cigarette smokers.

This news however isn’t spreading as fast as we could’ve expected to do. Around a quarter of the people who were asked their views on vaping told the responders that they thought vaping was either more or equally as damaging than cigarettes. 13% of these said they believe vaping to be far less damaging than smoking. This even though did slow down the shift of smokers to vaping but wasn’t able to stop it.

2.9 million people in the UK have somehow stopped smoking altogether after shifting to the vaping UK. Similar stories were shared by a vape shop UK. This suggests that there is some sort of a chemical hook present that E-cigarettes had which was similar to the normal tobacco cigarette. Turns out that an average smoker gets hooked on the nicotine present in the cigarette which is released after the burning tobacco. Nicotine, although released with a high amount of carcinogens, is what every smoker is searching for in every drag. This however was resolved by the e-cigarettes which contained only the nicotine in its e-flavor while at the same time contained no other carcinogen within it. This impacts the quality of cloud produced by the vape.

When it was tested by the United States Pharmacology and Toxicology Regulatory Board, they came to a conclusion that the toxins that were thought to be contained within the cloud of the e-juice were also present in the normal air itself. In fact, those toxins were nothing but water, nicotine additives, propylene glycol, and flavouring. While the flavouring was approved by the FDA as safe, the propylene glycol is used regularly in food processing and the quantity in which it is available in poses no real danger to an average vaper.

Since its safety has been proven time and again by first the Public Health England research in 2015 and then by the United States Pharmacology and Toxicology Regulatory Board in 2017, vapers should know that there has been no proof available till date which proves vaping to be dangerous in short to normal term use.

As a result, the smokers who once switched from smoking to vaping found relief as they thought the oasis of safety they thought they ended up in was no good either. But it is and man, are they enjoying!

The nicotine present in small quantities in the E juice flavours gives them enough relief that was searching for all this time! If they felt at any point in time that it wasn’t enough, they could simply add the nicotine additives which would give them the fix they need. On top of that, the vape mods have been a real relief when it comes to changing the quality of smoke and the sweetness in the flavors required by each vaper.

So the big question now arises, how to quit smoking tobacco with an E-cigarette in your possession?

The answer is by taking things slowly. Several people have fallen out from the habit of smoking e-cigarette only because the shock of not being able to smoke the cigarette was too much for them to bear. Not everyone has the same inner workings as you do. So take things slowly. Whenever you feel vaping doesn’t cut it for you, smoke half a cigarette. The wide variation of nicotine available in each e-liquid can assist you too. Somehow the difference in taste between a cigarette and a vape machine might pursue you to quit.

If it’s not coming in easily, fail, but remember to get up the next day and try again. The only thing that will help you quit smoking is yourself. Realize it is just your body trying to comprehend the loss of that epic nicotine source in your life.

Finally, vape away! With the advancement in technology and further tests conducted maybe there’ll be a day smoking will completely cease to exist in the world. Until then, continue to spread the word and show your support.

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