5 Don’ts of Landscaping

5 Don’ts of Landscaping
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With the power of the internet, there is a lot of free advice about overcoming landscape challenges and about landscape design.  For example, working in tight spaces but as a landscaper, you are also running your business that requires a new set of skills to work.

While professional landscape beginners still have a lot to learn and may commit a few mistakes here and there, the landscaping veterans are also prone to committing errors. Here we have compiled 5 top landscaping don’ts to avoid.

  1. Don’t start without gaining a few experiences first

A lot of people nowadays take only several courses and think that they can start their own company. It’s not prohibited to do so, but it’s better to work for a few years then start your own business. In doing so, you’ll be able to gain a different point of views and get to learn what makes you different. You create your brand, and that’s what people pay for when they hire a landscaping company to fix their yard. Work with different approaches and designs. Try to incorporate landscape lightings and see how they like it. Or create an outdoor living room with a theme. Get creative. Learn your trade.

  1. Design is not enough

Don’t settle for only the design. Get out there and build relationships. The secret to getting fantastic results is the relationship established between the contractor and the client. Be flexible and willing to be a subcontractor when your clients prefer a different contractor. Work your magic, show them excellent results and they’ll love you for it. You gain the trust of your clients and who knows? They might even recommend you to some close family and friends.

  1. Don’t underestimate business skills

It’s not enough to transform a simple yard into a beautiful oasis; you also have to polish your business skills. Learn how to run a business and what it takes for it to succeed. The skills needed to run a computer shop are the same skills ones you’ll need in the landscaping field such as business management, PR, communication, website design, organization. It’s just in a different discipline.

  1. Don’t undervalue your knowledge

Deciding on pricing for projects is tricky since every task is different, but it is also essential to know how much your skills are worth. You need to charge accordingly, depending on your experience and knowledge. As such, it lets you charge customers a higher price which brings us back to tip number 1. If your client is on a budget, you need to consider a lot of things.

  1. Don’t just stay in one place

Travel as much as you can. Look for inspirations. Go around the world and check out public gardens. One event that’s highly recommended by experts is the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival. Bring your whole family and go on a vacation. Going to such also lets you meet other landscapers who share their expertise and knowledge.


Being a landscaper is no easy job. You need experience and business skills. Merely knowing how to design is not enough. You need to build your network and socialize, go to events and listen to other landscapers who share their knowledge and experience.

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