4 Money-Saving Tricks to Revamp Your Bathroom all by Yourself!

4 Money-Saving Tricks to Revamp Your Bathroom all by Yourself!
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Has your bathroom turned unappealing and too boring to spend some relaxing time by taking a bubble bath over there? Well then, all you need to do is renovate it. What? You think that renovating a bathroom is going to reduce your bank balance to a great extent? Well, that completely depends on whether you are hiring a professional designer or not. Yes, you read that right! If you hire a professional designer to remodel your bathroom then obviously, he is going to charge a lump sum amount from you which is inclusive of his fees, labor charges, cost of raw material, etc. But, if you decide to do it yourself, then believe me, you’ll save quite a lot! Wondering whether you can revamp your bathroom on your own or not? Yes, of course you can! All you need to do is going through a couple of home improvement magazines and look for easy, pocket-friendly ideas to give a new makeover to your bathroom. Or else, just keep reading this blog because here, I’ve mentioned about a few budget-friendly ways to make your bathroom look “new-like”.

To know more, just keep reading.

Repaint or Change Your Bathroom Vanity Cabinets

Are your bathroom vanity cabinets the “center-of-attraction” in your bathroom because it’s gigantic in size? If yes, then the first thing you must do to upgrade your bathrooms look is by repainting them. Choose a classic color such as dark warm brown, toffee, vintage or polar white and just paint the cabinets. Believe me, it’s instantly going to look brand new. And of course, don’t forget to spray wood polish over the cabinets to give it that shiny effect.

To repaint and add a glossy effect to your wooden bathroom vanity cabinets, you will be spending less than $100. So, you can save quite a lot! And in case you feel that your bathroom vanity cabinets have become weary and repainting them won’t make a big difference, then please consider changing them. Worried about their charges? Well, if you are a resident of Minneapolis, USA, then finding a company that provides discounted bathroom vanities won’t be difficult at all. So, go ahead and buy one.

Change the Hardware

It is needless to say that hardware play a vital role in making or breaking the look of your bathroom. And with time, they lose their charm and shine. So, it’ll be great if you change them when you are revamping your bathroom.

While renovating a bathroom, what most of the homeowners generally do is that they change their bathroom sanitary wares and as a result, they reduce their bank balance to half. But, I feel that changing the sanitary wares is not at all need; just change the hardware and see how wonderfully it changes the look of the bathroom.

Tips: For a contemporary bathroom, choose sleek and stylish, white metal hardware. And to create a vintage bathroom, opt for hardware crafted with metals like copper or bronze.

The approximate amount that you have to spend on replacing your hardware is $240.

Replace the Shower Curtain            

Did you know that changing the shower curtain can bring a massive change in your bathroom? No? Well then, give it a try! I keep on changing my bathroom’s shower curtain often and trust me, it indeed changes the look of the bathroom! So, to give your bathroom a new look, please change the shower curtain.

Tips: To create a sophisticated look, choose the semi-transparent ones having geometric designs on it. And, if you want your bathroom to look vintage-like, then purchase the ones with ruffles at the bottom. If you choose the vintage shower curtains, please make sure you install them at a distance from your shower room so that it doesn’t get wet easily.

To purchase this, you’ll have to spend somewhere from $12 to $20. That’s quite cheap!

Change the Window Treatments

Last but not the least, replace your existing window treatments. This tiny change can do wonder to your bathroom. Wondering how can I confidently claim this? Well, it’s because I have tried this in my own bathroom. I have replaced my ordinary sheer curtains with plantation shutters, and it makes my bathroom look much better.

Suggestion: Purchase waterproof blinds or shutters instead of curtains as they are no more in trend.

To purchase blinds or shutters, you’ll hardly have to spend $10-$15. Isn’t that inexpensive?

Now, hopefully, you’ll be able to revamp your bathroom on your own. And for more blogs related to discount kitchen cabinets, please keep following me.

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