3 Common Pest Myths Everybody Should Know

3 Common Pest Myths Everybody Should Know
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Nobody wants pests in their homes. Pests can be irritating, and make many people uncomfortable and grossed out, making them go the extra mile to ensure that their homes aren’t infested. Pest control is an important aspect in keeping a house clean, but there are common myths about these pests that, when believed, can do more harm than good.

In this article, you will read about common pest myths that you should know about, and how it will help you in properly keeping your place free of them, and in managing them if they are already present in your home.

  1. Spiders Should Be Killed Upon Sight 

There’s something about spiders that turn people off—it could be because of the number of their legs, their hairy bodies, their eyes, or their webbing that could get in many places. Regardless, spiders aren’t harmful—or evil, and you shouldn’t kill them. In fact, they don’t even have fangs that could do any significant damage to your skin.

Spiders, unless you trap them or accidentally make them feel threatened, have no interest in inflicting pain or harm on you whatsoever. They are, however, interested in trapping other insects and pests in your home—yes, the pests you actually don’t want to have. Spiders are friends, and if you come to think of it, they’re actually helping you out.

If spiders bother you so much, then capture them and release them outside your house. They are beneficial to the environment, and are a reliable method of pest control.

  1. You Can’t See Any Pests, Therefore There Aren’t Any 

So you aren’t seeing any giant rats scurrying behind your trash bin, or cockroaches safely hidden in the corners of your closet. Does that automatically mean that your house is free of pests? No, it doesn’t.

Pests lurk in the most unexpected places. They may be hard to find (especially the little ones), so be sure to regularly check your house for them, even in the places you think are clean and impenetrable.

  1. Mice Love Cheese, and Cheese Alone

Before anything else, mice actually love cheese—the cartoons about anthropomorphic cats baiting mice with cheese wheels you watched in your childhood weren’t making things up.

Cheese, however, isn’t the only thing that mice feed on. Like humans, they enjoy other food like peanut butter, rice, and bacon. It’s a good idea to use different types of bait too, because while mice aren’t as rational as humans, they certainly aren’t stupid—they know if you’re trying to trap them, so be creative and outsmart them.

Key Takeaway

There are many myths about pests that came to be because of the general knowledge about the specific pest, and events that were taken in an exaggerated way. Pests will always exist not just in houses but everywhere else as well, and pest control will always be needed to prevent them from affecting your health. However, it is also important to know which information about particular pests are true or false, so you could manage them more effectively.

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