SMS Marketing: Best Option to Fill Health Clubs

SMS Marketing: Best Option to Fill Health Clubs
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In today’s era, SMS marketing is playing a vital role in consumer’s mind. Everyone has a smartphone by their side, so, sending text messages related to promotions, reminder, alert etc. will have higher chances that company’s SMS will be seen by users and positive action will be taken thereof. Text marketing is direct channel to setup the communication with the consumers. Health clubs are for those people who want to be healthy and in perfect physique. Now people are more concerned about health as diseases are spreading faster than ever. This is the opportunity for gym owners to use marketing tool i.e. SMS marketing to increase the number of customers.

The expanding roots of bulk SMS has benefitted the SMS service providers to bridge the communication gap between the customer and the service providers. Even the health and fitness industry has started tasting the profits of text marketing strategies. A famous gym like GOLD’s GYM does not require too much advertising but in case of local gyms, it’s a source of revenue that’s why engaging customers, building relationships, keeping them motivated is the key.

Below are some SMS methods techniques that will help health clubs to keep customers attached-

  • A keyword is the key– As SMS stands for Short Message Service, effective keywords will lead to engagement of customers to the next level.
  • Fast auto reply– Till gym trainer is not available, set predefined message for any kind of customer query to keep them attached.
  • Exclusive offers– Search for premium prospects and send them exclusive deals about yearly membership and discounted supplementation offers.
  • Rise your list– Bulk SMS can help to reach large audiences in a matter of just one click. Put a link to Facebook in the end to increase footfalls.
  • SMS surveys– Health clubs can know their performance about the services rendered by the customers. Here, series of set questions will be asked and suggestion will be taken for the same.
  • Regular messages– SMS about renewing membership, pending fees, exercise diet chart links, timings of the gym, special events, and dates discounted supplementation offers etc. can be sent by text marketer on regular basis.
  • Call out old members– Those who have left can re-join again if every possible need is fulfilled by giving special come back offer to them.

Health clubs can take the help of third-party SMS service providerto handle the traffic of incoming and outgoing messages. SMS marketing is the most cost-effective way of marketing technique and if used wisely it can lead to huge revenue generation as well as customer’s retention.

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