How Information Technology Will Impact Investment Banking Industry?

How Information Technology Will Impact Investment Banking Industry?
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 While you are planning a career in investment banking, do you know how much support the IT department provides to any investment bank? Think about it – an investment banker has to perform numerous tasks ranging from big mergers to acquisitions to derivatives in addition to commodities, and other banking related deals. But while you are planning a career in investment banking, it is quite important to understand that in addition to education it is imperative to have investment banking certification.

Career in Investment Banking– Education, Internship and Everything inthe Middle

It is a proven fact that certifications add weight to your educational degree in addition to validating your skills acquired in your training. If you are planning investment banking career, then going for certifications along with internships is the best investment strategy. Certifications prepare a prospective investment banker to face the challenges offered by global markets.

While certifications are important to forge a career in Investment banking, it will also help you if you are doing regular internships with some investment banks during your undergraduate years. Please note that while internships are not necessary to enter into investment banking, it surely is a good way to start.

Since the minimum requirement to enter into investment banking career is to get a bachelor’s degree, it is better to obtain one before you try for career in investment banking. Most of the recruiters are seeking candidates with a bachelor’s degree either in finance, accounting, business administration or any other related fields in the business. However, your bachelor degree will hold a less value if you have a master’s degree in either business administration or finance or even any other relevant field.

According to the industry insiders, it is always advisable to do some coursework on the fields like finance, economics, mathematics to have an added advantage while applying for a job in investment banking.

Certifications for Investment Banking 

While a bachelor or a Master’s degree ensure that you start your career in Investment, investment banking certifications will only validate your skills for the investment banking jobs. You may consider getting a certification from a reputed investment banking certification like Investment Banking Council Of America.

Armed with both degrees and certifications you are ready to enter the world of investment banking as an investment banking analyst. As an investment banking analyst you will be conducting research to produce analytical reports for other senior staff members. However, if you want to enter into investment banking on a senior position you can also start as a financial analyst in either a wealth management firm or any other financial organization. You can also look out for hedge funds to start your career and build on your experience.

But why should you go for certifications? Will certifications take care of the gap in your educational qualifications or skill sets? To answer these questions – certifications will be ‘value add’ on your resume making you stand out amongst your peers.

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