Here’s why men use humor to impress women! Learn and Apply!

Here’s why men use humor to impress women! Learn and Apply!
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It’s a known fact that women like jokers!

Excuse me;I am not calling all men jokers.

Here; I am strictly referring to men who act as jokers to get women’s attention.

And, since women like funny men, they take full advantage of the fact.

What they do is, they take good time observing how the woman is, and then craft a list of funnypick up lines.

But men need to be real smart in their observation (some men are actually very good at it) because one wrong guess can literally backfire their entire plan.

There are all kind of pick up lines men use, they can be cheesy, cute, complicated, funny and dumb.

They just prove to be a great way to strike a conversation and have a laugh.

Yes, most men get noticed by using pick up lines.

Let me tell you one more interesting fact about pick up lines, although they tend to fall flat, but they do get the speaker (mostly a man) the attention he wants.

And, in some cases, do men get rated as funny, entertaining, having a great sense of humor.

And some women might not mind having a brief fling with them.

But one thing is for sure,they won’t take these lines or men (whichever, you prefer) very seriously.

As, women are aware the very same pick up lines have been used by men on plenty of other women too.

So, what are those ever greenpick up lines that makes a man’s life easier?

  • “Baby, you are like a student and I am like a math book, you solve all my problems.”

Now this has to be the corniest of all lines, but guess what, if nothing it makes a woman laughs out loud every time

  • “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

Someone who is always in a good mood, and keeps cracking jokes, even if they’re more lame than the ones you find online keeps the mood lifted, and never lets you wish you would rather be somewhere else.

  • “Are you McDonald’s? Cuz I’m lovin’ it!”
  • “Was your daddy a baker? Cuz you’ve got amazing buns.”

Every woman likes to be appreciated once in a while to suppress the insecurity she feels looking at Kendall Jenner’s kickass Red Carpet looks. The real keepers are those who never let you let yourself down

  • “There’s only one thing I want to change about you, and that’s your last name.”

Commitment says a lot about a person. Mainly that they’re actually interested in you and not just passing their time and wasting yours. It’s just really hard to find a diamond like this nowadays and whenever you do, never let it go.

  1. “You know, you might be asked to leave soon. You’re making the other women look really bad.”

Now, every woman knows this is nothing but a BS statement, but still this one always work. Just tell a woman she is better looking than other woman present in the same room, and she will start feeling better.

  • “I lost my number, can I have yours?”

Now this is an interesting way to ask for a girl’s number, which is why it always works.

  • “Is it hot in here or is it just you?”

Every woman likes being called, “Hot” even if it’s only for the sake of a pick up line. 

  • “Are you one of those Victoria’s Secret models?”

Hmm…so he almost finds me like a model,(Yes, I know, it’s a big fat lie, even though) but I still like it.

  • “You know what’s on the menu? ME-N-U”

Now which girl in her right mind would resist this one? All women like to be treated as someone special, all women crave attention even if that’s in a form of a pick up line.

Society and soaps don’t leave room for us to think for ourselves which is why our perfect picture includes a man by our side but it’s important to remember, all things aside, whatever happens, whatever curveballs life flings at us and whatever our hypocritical society may say, repeat after me, WE DON’T NEED NO MAN AND ARE PERFECT THE WAY WE ARE!

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