Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018

Father’s Day Gift Ideas 2018
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Father’s Day is around the corner and you may be in search of the perfect gift for your dad. However, selecting a gift for an elderly father can be a challenging task. At this point in life, many men have already collected the material items they want. To make the day special for your father, here are 15 perfect Father’s Day gift ideas.

  1. Medication Management Devices

When a senior has to take variety of pills each day for different health conditions, managing medications can get challenging. Give your dad some peace of mind and allow him stay independent by gifting a medication organizer. This inexpensive device comes in different sizes and shapes. Buy an organizer according to your father’s medication requirements and pair it with a programmable alarm clock so he can get reminded to take the pills on time.

  1. Yard Dice

If your dad likes to collect horseshoes and other old-school items, he may also enjoy rolling had crafted, giant dice in the yard. Each yard dice is made purely from solid pine, and the set of six-yard dice will also be welcoming for both of you engage in interesting yard games.

  1. Projection Alarm Clock

Smartphones have made the table alarm clock an extinct species, but there is still something said perfect for displaying time and temperature. If your father doesn’t like taking the phone to bed or needs glasses to see the time, a projection feature that throws a digital readout onto the ceiling or wall will be a useful gift for him.

  1. Baseball Glove Oven Mitt

Sports fans who prefer a more traditional approach than painting themselves in team colors will appreciate the idea of having this oven mitt. It may look like a leather baseball glove but it works to resist heat and ease pan-handling.

  1. Amazon Echo

Though being introduced in 2015, Amazon Echo is an all-in-one device for information gathering which has become the most effective and easiest way to make a home smart. This tube-shaped device can easily be placed in a table and recognize voice commands on anything from weather reports to food delivery. Your dad can also stream music, and other than any third-party services, it doesn’t charge a monthly fee.

  1. Chillsner

If you father is a beer lover, he won’t have to settle on a luke warm brew again. Gift him a Chillsner, which comes as a nine-inch steel rod that keeps the bottles beverages cold with its cooling gel. Keep it in the freezer so it can get cool, and then insert it in any standard bottle. Its airtight, turn-top seal is perfect for fizzy drinks.

  1. Keyport Slide

Elderly fathers may feel like being a maintenance worker or apartment manager when living alone. A Keyport slide can take a lot of keys on a chain and turn them into a single-handle slide port which organizes keys, knife, screwdrivers, and even a flash drive. It may be the most useful gift for your father if he tends to take of the house maintenance.

  1. Eyeglasses Holder

Setting down a pair of glasses can quickly turn into an anxious search for where it was last left. Gift your dad a beautiful statuette that can hold his glasses and act as an attractive interior decoration item to allow him never to miss it again.

  1. Home Upgrades

There are several different upgrades you can give your home to let your dad enjoy a safe environment in the home. Consider installing a handheld showerhead, grab bars in shower or bath area, or lever-style doorknobs. In fact, nightlights can increase the visibility during night, and motion sensor is a great option.

  1. Computer-Oriented Options

If you father is a tech-savvy, he may enjoy learning about online video chat software like Skype so he can stay in touch with his family and friends regardless the distance. He may also appreciate the latest computer security software.

  1. Smartphone

A smartphone can allow you father to download his favorite apps, listen to the music he likes, and play fun games. He can also stay active on social media to stay in touch with old high school friends.

  1. Hearing Check

If you notice that your father has started to talk louder than usual or asks you to repeat your statements, he may need to evaluate his hearing. Accompany him to meet his doctor. At times, the problem is nothing more than just accumulation of ear wax. However, the situation may also indicate his need of a hearing aid.

  1. Your Time

Nothing can replace the time spent with your senior loved one. pay your dad a visit on Father’s Day to share a glass of wine and conversation. Go out with him to enjoy a meal or help him organize his home. Going outdoors with sons and daughter can enhance a father’s mental and emotional well being.

  1. Car Headlight Restorer

Old vehicles are likely to develop a have over the headlights, and a buildup of grime can diminish your father’s line of sight when driving and it can even prove to be troublesome during inspections. You can gift your father a high quality cleaning kit to enhance the visibility and restore headlights to almost new brightness. It is a lot of hard work, but it’s worth the safety.

  1. Convenient Meals

Prepare your dad’s favorite dishes, divide then in single-sized portions, and freeze them. This will allow him to get on-time meals by just having to warm a portion of meal in a microwave. Subscribing your dad to a food delivery service is another great way to keep him healthy.

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