“Expecting ? How to set up the best room for your baby?”

“Expecting ? How to set up the best room for your baby?”
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As a mom myself, I exactly know what is to be expecting a baby. Even while I am writing it, I am recalling the days of immense pleasure when I just couldn’t help imagining my plans for my baby.

I used to think about a lot of things including some that were quite ridiculous. One of the aspects on which I thought mostly was, “How should I setup the best baby nursery room?”

This is absolute fun, let me tell you why!

Why setting up a nursery room is fun?

You will enjoy it to the very fullest. Everything you will place in that room will be so small and minimal that you will love handling them. I recall, I used to smoothly run my hand over my baby’s blanket and bedding, thinking if he will feel good in it or not.

Colors will be even better to choose at that instant. You will be trying so many colors before delivery and will keep experimenting with them forever! Moms never ever are bored with this!

What aspects you need to know while designing a baby nursery room?

There is no benchmark for it. It’s not because designing a nursery room isn’t considered as important. But, it is because the baby can’t say from his mom’s belly that “KNOCK KNOCK! I like blue more than green”.
It’s you who has to decide from his bedding and furniture to his clothes and baby products. And all this setting should have the following in common that you need to care for.

  • Insert a dimmer to Light.
  • It is a simple idea that will enable you to correctly set the disposition of this space as desired.
  • Select durable, washable fabrics and carpeting which could be readily washed
  • Select furniture pieces which may evolve from nursery into a teen’s room.
    One thing that is vital is the best high chair!
  • Consider furniture placement and safety since infant begins becoming portable. A fabulous baby-proofing idea comprises covering wall sockets, maintaining away the crib from window fixtures and wires and putting valuable things on higher shelves.
  • Concentrate on making an uncluttered nursery with Lots of storage options. This will allow an easy cleanup while keeping the room clean.
  • Permit for lots of flooring so infant could have flooring playtime and can move around as pleased. It will increase his physical abilities and he will be more aligned to activity than lying still.

The best colors for your nursery room! See what color acts how!

You might think of me as stupid, but it is true. Each color has its own effects and inflicts distinct features to your baby’s mental development. The following are a few of them and their implications.


Red is bold and adds a great deal of attraction in your baby’s personality.   It can be applied in a nursery as a background color but not on the wall in any case.  Red is the “hottest” color and might invoke aggressive character traits to be more prominent.


Orange is one of the most soothing colors.  It promotes a welcoming response and inspires conversation that is interesting as it involves much life.Use bright orange and you will see how the behavior of your baby turns welcoming.


Yellow is sunny and bright in its general appeal buttake special care while using it. Especially in excess. Your baby can get angry by excessive glow of yellow and you will notice it.Otherwise, tinge of yellow influences the peaceful state of mind and gives the baby deeper sleep.


If you want to make a learning kind of environment for your baby, you should be going for green.  It encourages purity of thinking and allows the baby a feeling concentration.  It is also quite calm, natural and relaxing.  As it is so abundant naturally, you can never mess with green while designing your baby nursery room.


Blue is calming, but you should be cautious with the shade.  Blue with grey shades in it can cause sadist mood. In case you’ve got a child, who won’t eat, avoid blue dishes!  From the nursery, use bright or warm blues and avoid overusing black or navy colors.  Blue can also be cooling, which can be fantastic for a kid who gets warm readily.


Since years, purple has thought to be a royal color and is still believed to have royalty in its attitude. While some purple shades can be royal and shimmering in their nature, others are more relaxing in appeal and lack the luxurious feel. I would suggest that you should avoid purple color around your baby as it is one of the “unnatural color”.

 Whatever, these colors may be thought of as superstitious in their natures and you can clearly see that many people around you use these.

What does matter is, your desires and color selections. Just put in your best while designing the baby nursery room!


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