5 Times When You Need to Get the Root Canal Treatment!

5 Times When You Need to Get the Root Canal Treatment!
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 The people in today’s generation are easily prone to tooth decay and cavities. The lifestyle and food habits are to be blamed. Root canal treatment is needed when the cavities cause the tooth to decay. If these cavities are not treated, they will infect the pulp of your teeth. One must never delayroot canal treatmentsince delaying it can cause great harm to your dental system. These damages done are not reversible.

These Are Few Signs That You Should Follow Which Signify That You Need to Go for A Root Canal Treatment:

#1. Sensitivity:Sensitivity is a sensation felt in your teeth. Sensitivity could be of two types. Sensitivity to hot food or beverages and sensitivity to cold food or beverages are the two types of sensitivities. If you have a sudden pain while having something hot or cold you must not delay the treatment. The pain felt ranges between 15 seconds to a minute. This majorly indicates that the nerves of our teeth are slowly dying. This is a sign that you must not ignore and delay the treatment any further.

#2. Pain:A strong toothache is the first indicator of some problem in your teeth. The pain comes in many ways like shooting, throbbing, stabbing, constant or severe. The pain could be a combination of two of these. If the intensity is high enough that it can wake you up in the middle of the night, you should visit the dentist at the earliest. Many people feel that they have a throbbing pain. The throbbing pain feels like your tooth is throbbing along with your heart beats. This is an indicator that you should not delay your root canal treatment.

#3. Swelling:Swelling of gums or cheeks could be due to some infection too. Thus, one must figure out if the swelling is because of the tooth or not. If the swelling is related to tooth infection you should go for a root canal treatment. The swelling is mainly because of the dead nerves. This infection can damage both the bone and the tissues in the affected area. If there is swelling with immense pain, you should not postpone the treatment. At times swelling may not be accompanied with pain, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need the treatment.

#4. Too Many Cavities: When you have to deal with cavities it is no fun. In the case of cavities, you must first see a dentist and get your x rays done. The x-rays will show how rough the cavities are.  Thus, the dentist may remove those if possible. But even after doing that if the cavities exceed, it is clear that you need root canal treatment. At times the dentist may only put a pulp cap and allow the tooth to heal itself. But that is temporary, for long-term benefits a proper treatment is advisable.

#5. Biting Pain:A biting pain can be due to a cracked tooth or a failed treatment. But a failed filling or cracked tooth does not always mean you need a root canal.Many times a cracked tooth may develop a strong pain, in this case, you need a treatment. An infection can also lead to chipping of the tooth, even in this case the treatment is necessary. Some people also have trauma resulting from an accident and from grinding or pressing their teeth. However, this may or may not be a prominent indicator. But going for a root canal treatment is beneficial to avoid these things in the future.

These pointers could be a good guide of whether or not you should visit a dentist for your Root canal treatment. It is important to know that in many cases you may need a root canal even without knowing it. At times the person has no idea about the cavity at all.

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