Let Them Have A Closet Full Of Dresses Before The Touch Of Makeup

Let Them Have A Closet Full Of Dresses Before The Touch Of Makeup
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Gadgets, videos, fashion and freedom has given so much of exposure to little diva’s that before coming to a right age of applying makeup , they have started using it at the age of 10-12 years. Which is quit not so acceptable. Yes, we know the fact that every girl has imitated her mother and applied her lip color but that’s just curiosity. But now-a-days it’s crossing the line of curiosity and has become “Cool”.

Every child has full right to look good and currently there are so many options which can make them look good and feel good except makeup. Mother’s in this world is aware of this fact and know the circumstances of applying makeup on such early age. It can ruin the skin of your baby girl and she may suffer in future. So, it’s better to opt some other options to make them look adorable instead of allowing them to put on makeup.

As a mother it’s your prior responsibility to teach them the right age of applying make up. We can always help you with that. The right age to apply make up is 16 years. This is the age when your baby girl knows what will look good on her and can handle applying the makeup easily.

In this age also it’s not necessary that she start full-fledged makeup. She can try blush, eye liner and lip balm , just to enhance her natural beauty. As this is the age when her skin is so glowing and refreshing that it doesn’t need any makeup but still if she wish to apply a little. She can definitely go for lighter one.

The world of e-commerce has made kids clothes online shopping so easy that you don’t have to spend unnecessary time in the mall. Just select a website that offers plethora of fashion attires for kids and start exploring. It’s better to fill their closet with clothes than to make them wear makeup.

As summers are here and you can find endless stylish dresses options for your baby girl. From refreshing floral to denim shorts and noodle strap top, summer has so much to offer that can make your little fashionista look amazing. Try out some maxi dress, sundress, striped cotton dress, tunic dress, midi dress, skater dress, denim shorts and trendy loose white top, skirts and floral top and the list is endless.

So it’s better to go for these types of trendy outfits to make your baby girl look gorgeous instead of letting her apply makeup. Grab some matching headband and cute footwear that will enhance the look of the attire and will satisfy her wish of looking great every time. Start exploring internet to buy the best outfit for her and make her feel special and pretty.

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