10 Natural Skin and Hair Care tips for Holi

10 Natural Skin and Hair Care tips for Holi
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Holi is the festival of colours and joy and celebrated worldwide mainly in India. It is a festival which is believed to be holy and is originated from the holy land of India. It is celebrated mainly by Hindus across the globe but the joy and happiness it brings it gives vibes to other people and celebrated by all religions because the feeling linked with this festival is beyond any religion and beliefs. The celebration of hues is commended with much favor by individuals all over the nations. On Choti Holi or Holika Dahan, a sacred campfire is lit just before the day of Holi implying the consuming of shrewdness wants and inner self alongside antagonism. The following day, on the morning of Badi Holi, friends and family gathers over colours, moving, singing and obviously a detailed devour. You can see boulevards shaded with tints of pink, yellow, green and red and spot individuals meeting and welcome their loved ones all over the place.

Negative Aspects Of Holi

It is a great festival which should be celebrated by every individual. But as you all know Holi comes with joy and happiness but colours we use to celebrate holi should be choosed wisely. Colours we buy from market are filled with chemicals which can be easily avoided but some opportunist people and their profit making intentions force them to use chemicals to prepare colours. You should always be careful while choosing colours for your family.  You should always choose colours which are chemical free and you can use many methods to protect your skin and hairs from chemicals.


You can use skin moisturizer to moisturize skin and sunscreen should be applied on your body properly specially behind your ears. Moisturizer should be SPF so that it can protect you from tanning from the sun.


You should wear full sleeves clothes so that you can avoid as much as contact with colors and protect your skin from getting damaged. You can also use hat for covering your hairs as it can protect your hairs from colors. The clothes you choose to wear should cover maximum part of your body.


Drinks lots of water before you play holi because it will keep your skin hyderated and moisturized. Water detoxifiesyour body and keeps it hydrated. When your skin gets in contact with colors it gets dry so if your tummy is full of water than it can be very help full for you.


Utilize an aloe vera gel, cucumber juice or if nothing else a rose water bottle convenient with you, just on the off chance that get some aggravation from shading, these would go about as relieving agents. Soothing helps in getting rid of colors from skin after playing holi because colours slip off easily out of soothen skin.

Hair Massage:

Before you go out to play Holi, it is essential to apply a decent coconut based hair oil over the length of your hair and back rub your scalp altogether. You can utilize some other hair oil of your decision like jojoba and castor oil combined function admirably as well. The oil will go about as a defensive covering layer to your hair. You can also apply Herbal Hair Colour to give colour to your hairs as it will act as a coating to your hairs.

Use Herbal Hair Colour:

After playing holi you can use Herbal Hair Colour can be a perfect solution to your hairs. After playing holi you can feel that your hair feel frizzy and dry and the colour you had earlier seems to be washed away. So you can colour your hairs with herbal hair colouras it gives great colour and is free of chemicals.

Use Nail Paint:

You can use nail paint to protect your cuticles from chemically processed colours. Nail paint can act as a coating to your nails and avoid direct contact of colours to your nails. If you don’t like using nail paint than it can be removed easily with nail paint remover but it very important to protect your nails from colours.

Apply Natural Milk Cream:

After every one of those unpleasant colours and concoction you unquestionably require a lotion, which will enable your skin to restore as it was previously. Natural milk cream is one item which will give you provoke results. Attempt to apply it in abundant sum and quickly after shower and before rest too. The natural milk cream will give nourishment to your skin and remove all the dryness and makes it moisturized.

Try Natural Scrub:

Try not to rub your skin hard to get free from unwanted colours, attempt it with hand crafted normal scours, which will absolutely evacuate the hues and include a natural sparkle your skin as well. Utilize chickpea flour, lemon, nectar and milk cream; make it slight dry and use over your skin with delicate hands.

Oil Your Hairs Properly:

You should always apply hair oil to your hairs because hair oil not let colours to stay on your hairs and scalp and also protects your scalp. It gives nourishment to you hairs.


Using chemical colors on skin can be really dangerous to you and your family so you can choose any of the above mentioned methods so you can stay protected from harmful chemicals and enjoy it with precautions and safety.

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