What is content marketing?

What is content marketing?
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How to Create Effective Content Marketing Strategy? What is content marketing?

Content marketing, or content marketing, is far more than just copywriting. The content of the site and the subject of content marketing mean almost everything you produce – pictures, infographics, video content, texts, articles, blogs and more. Unique content on your site is a key element to success. If you know what, when, and how to create to attract your visitors, you have almost won.

Why do people go to the Internet? Mostly to learn something new (whether it’s news in politics, in services or in products). Your site may be one of the websites that a visitor will accidentally miss, leave, and will never return. Or you can take it so much that your content will share, read, and periodically return to find out what you’ve gotten new to. The choice is up to you.

Great content is not the only metric of success. In order for the visitor to buy / provide an email address, there is usually a need for something more (especially conversion optimization, which we can help you). The content, however, is a valuable basis for supporting all channels of your internet marketing.

Why content creation is important?

Do you know that there will be a trillion impressions a day on Google? With the amount of impressions of different ads, it’s hard to get the customer’s attention. Much better and less expensive is when customers are looking for you yourself. There are two things you need to do – to get you a good idea (you need quality content) and find you easily (search engine optimization will help you).

If you become a place where customers search, you save not only valuable money, but also time. In addition, you gain the trust of people who buy and spend time with you. Trust is the foundation of every good relationship. Thanks to her, people will come back to you and will talk about you not only on social networks but also outside the internet.

Return on investment (ROI) for content marketing may be within a few months. The longer and better you generate the content, the higher the ROI. No one will ever take quality content and will increase your profits for years. While the overall impact of content creation can be difficult to measure (because you can hardly measure your emotion), some of its consequences can be evaluated using digital analytics (ex. traffic and turnover).

Thanks to content creation and SEO, we managed to increase our attendance by 4,350% (SEO made about half of the visits). One good article can generate your visitors for years. Interesting videos have been moving through the Internet for several years. And hand to heart – how many of your competitors make video content about how to use products and how to handle them? Show that you are an expert in your area. Do something for your customers that no one else does.

This is an investment that really pays off.

What you get through creating content?

Can you measure your popularity? It’s hard to quantify how much people like your site (because it may not be related to how much they buy on it). However, you’ll know a lot about positive references, popularity on social networks, sharing your text and video content and traffic. The results may come later. However, the results are permanent (as opposed to, for example, PPC campaigns that stop generating traffic immediately after shutdown).
You become a website that people like to talk about. You will be interesting, unconventional and new. Get ahead of your competitors and teach your customers about their products. You will create a corporate blog where you will write about what you are doing, about your products and services. This will show the customer that he can trust you.

Long-term content building through content strategy creates solid, stable, and exciting brands. Do you want to be just a stop on the way to the customer, or rather a permanent goal?

We are progressing in content marketing

• We meet and recognize your brand – what you can offer, what interesting you are doing and what your goals and competitive advantages are. Based on these, we then determine what content we will generate.

• We will do your audience research. You can create a wealth of content – videos, articles, infographics, and reports – but only through the quality research of your target group you will find out what your customers / visitors are really interested in.

• We will define what you want to achieve through Article submission marketing – whether to improve your brand’s position, increase attendance, or improve a specific goal.

• We’ll talk about what content we’ll be making – whether it’s best to write a business blog, do a video or something else.

• We create quality content so that you and your clients are happy.

• We will design and implement campaigns based on a multi-channel plan – how to include your content in corporate newsletters, social networks, or other channels. The more consistent your communication, the more reliable you are in the customer’s eyes.

• We will help you with regular updating and content creation.

• In case you want to create content yourself, we train your people to be the best.

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